Punk, Rock, Soul Band


We are spending this week spotlighting our two most recent releases PUNK FUNK ROCK SOUL, Vol. 1 and PUNK FUNK ROCK SOUL, Vol. 2. We just read how we are that band that many think have fallen through the cracks, meaning that more people should know who we are. That may be true. Hearing that made me consider was how much of our story we have never told our fans. We made a concerted effort to stay close to home this summer to get closer to our core and our fans. One thing we wanted to make sure we do is talk about the releases. Working our way backward seemed the easiest to do because those songs are readily available for you to listen to on Spotify to follow along as we go. We will be talking at length about volume one and specifically the tracks MINE ALL MINE and SHAKE YOUR SNAKE this week. Please follow along and let us know what you think on your socials and here. And don’t forget to join the List if you have not done so yet.