Punk, Rock, Soul Band


OMG! PUNK FUNK ROCK SOUL - V1 is finished! Downloads for all previously purchased copies should hit 11/30.

Many apologies to each and every one of our fans that supported our attempts to release this over the summer. We have been working tirelessly on the recording, compiling and distribution of this project that has occupied so much of our creative space over the last half-decade. Mistakes were made and had to be corrected. Tours were cancelled and had to be rescheduled. It seemed to us that we would never find a way to finish everything we needed to and once you miss deadlines it’s easy to fall victim to that way of thinking. Well, we made it past that and have four (4) fabulous tunes to show for it, each genre specific to the title of the EP. Check out the track listing in our MUSIC section on this site.

We were fortunate enough to have two creatives working with us on the business end. Stefan Lit, a.k.a. Stef Litrownik our drummer on BLACK LIGHTNING, mixed both volumes and gave us a great sounding CD. As did Louise Sordoillet with the CD design for both V1 & V2. She is the killer guitarist for the New York Kleps that have opened for us several times. Many thanks to the both of them for sharing.

If you have not ordered a copy of the download I highly recommend you do. We have included track notes and lyrics and images (like the one below) of the physical CD. For those that would like to get the physical release, it will be available 12/15 at our shows and at fine record stores with impeccable taste. Look for V2 February 2018.