Punk, Rock, Soul Band


The thing is we have been playing punk, rock and soul our whole career. We happened to find ourselves pretty quickly. Folks have made comparisons to us and say we sound like “Tina Turner fronting the MC5” or “The Stoogies with Aretha Franklin on the mic” or some other version of a soul singer being backed by a hard hitting rock band. None of these descriptions offend but none of them were ever what we called ourselves. We found our musical path by not trying to be any one thing and absorb what made our blood pump. We did a bad thing by today’s standard...we didn’t define our brand and thought that rock and roll was enough of a tag. We focused on the music and the show. 

Fast forward 2016 after having to make “Covers” because we still couldn’t get a good read on the follow-up to BLACK LIGHTNING (what a story that is...remind me to tell you that). We had recorded two sessions with two sets of great musicians and just couldn’t latch on to what we believed was next. We had great takes and good songs but we just had a hard time believing it. Some songs remain lost in the vaults. One song that made it through the fire was MINE ALL MINE. This song may have been demo’d more than any other song we have ever done. We played it LIVE so many times (another “bad” branding idea) when it finally came out on a release somebody told me it don’t count as new. To each his own on that. Our purpose is to truly give ourselves over to the song so that it is realized as far as we could see fit. We played this song from 2011-2016 and the moment we demo’d it with Justin and Craig (who hadn’t played together since 2008) in early 2016 we knew the song was wearing it’s birthday suit. MINE ALL MINE was born on that day and we still feel like proud parents.