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Rebooting the Reboot

For those of you getting this post, you have more than likely been here for a while. Thank you for your support. We started this project over a year ago and had high hopes of completing it before the end of July 2020. Obviously that did not happen. The schedule of the world and the many pivots that we all learned to make meant somethings were just going to take longer and this was one of them. Because of that extra time we are convinced we have a better beginning. William Graves, long time musician, peer and scholar of music was able to bring forth the full potency of what remained in the original recordings with his mixes. The change is noticeable and palpable. We are sure this only could have happened by leaning in to the extra time we had. We have heard the masters and are sold on the sonic rebirth of this collection of songs. Grateful barely describes what we felt hearing this newer portal to this amazing record from a unique time for The BellRays. We had planned to make posts as changes happened but learned throughout the pandemic that we spent more time explaining what had to be rescheduled when we took that route. Instead we said nothing. We wanted to make sure we were able to get remixes and masters complete before posting to this blog. So to all of you that have been waiting... we are on the road to finishing this project and you are on the way to having a great record in hand.

Again, thank you for your support. Expect more posts. We can't wait to share our progress with you.