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Back On the road fall 2022

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Official Shows for 2022 

We will just added all confirmed shows for 2022 so far to our BandsInTown profile.

Due to the number times we have had to reschedule recent tours we have been apprehensive to post dates here.

Will be linking BandsInTown posting to this site with as much information as we can get from the promoters.

Thanks for understanding. 

Rock Show #2 - 12.17.2020 

We have rescheduled Rock Show #2 and a whole lot more. We will be performing the full power of BLACK LIGHTNING for the 10th Anniversary of the release. Click the link here to find out the options but most of all make sure you do not miss this event.

The BellRays Livestream Passport Fest 2020 

Join us at the Passport Fest this weekend, September 12/13, 2020. Passport Fest is a global Facebook Live music festival. The streaming event features artists of all genres from all over the world playing music and sharing their stories of life as a musician during the pandemic. 

We will be playing Saturday 12th at 4pm Eastern Time/1pm PST. We will be live streamed through the Passport Fest Page. 


Please visit, like and share the page to encourage maximum support! See you there!

Spanish Tour Dates Postponed 

Our Spanish Tour scheduled for the September 24th 2020 to October 3rd 2020 has been postponed due to the continuing health crisis of Covid-19.  As soon as we have the new dates you will be the first to know!  The music never stops, so check out our Facebook Live Shows every Tuesday, YouTube Rock Show every Thursday and Instagram on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  More news to come.  We thank you for your continued support and stay safe everyone.

The BellRays at The Lounge (FULL BAND) - July 25th 3pm - PST 

Full Band Live Show Ticket Sale

Sat, Jul 25 @ 3:00PM Streaming via our website

Please join the full band for the first show since the pandemic. Get tickets starting 11am 7/21 at the discounted rate of $15. The full ticket price of $20 will go into effect starting 12pm 7/22. SOLD OUT!

Refunds issued for 07/15  

Sorry for the confusion. I have issued refunds to all that have purchased tickets.

Will figure our the issues for the next show.

We shall return once we figure this out.


**New Schedule** ON-LINE/ LIVE STREAMS starting JULY 2020 

We have made changes to our showtimes and venues. No matter what, you will still be able to catch us performing in several places. Make sure to join and subscribe to our pages on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube so you can signup for alerts. We have so much planned and want you to be a part of our shows.

Instagram - Same Shows! New Schedule!

COVER STORIES - Monday and Friday @ 3pm PST

NOONER - Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 12 PST





YouTube - New Channel and New Time

We have moved our this show from our Facebook to YouTube. So many of you have wanted a YouTube show and we are so glad to accommodate. For those of you that have watched previously please note the time change to 3pm (4 hours later)



And remember... if you're happy and you know it leave a tip!

PP: paypal.me/thebellrays 

Thank you for your support  - Lisa and Bob, The BellRays


We have the best fans! We thank you! 


So much of what is happening for 2020 was not planned and was completely unexpected. All of us here with The BellRays have been continually blessed with good health and a good attitude to just do what we can. It is the main reason we decided to do the Instagram and Facebook shows every week. We wanted to find a way to get to do what we do for the people we thought would want to see it the most.

We expected a few people to really be happy about it. No way did we ever think that so many of you would choose to become a part of our daily lives. We are ever so grateful for that surprise.

Thank you all so very much for showing up to watch the shows.

Thank you so much for writing comments.

Thank you so much for waking early, staying up late or sharing your breakfast or dinner with us. We are honored to literally be in your homes daily whenever you happen to make it. Whenever you get there is the the best time for us.

We just thought you should know how much you mean to us.

Much love and kisses.


Lisa & Bob

Replay - Tuesday Rock Show - 03/24/20 

Many thanks to everyone that showed up and supported our first every Tuesday Rock Show. As mentioned, being unable to tour during this time of social distancing we are putting on weekly shows to make up for the time away from fans and as a means to make a living at our stock and trade. Our first one had a bumpy start but finished with a bang. Here is the replay

You may also watch it on YouTube or in our video section.

2020 Spanish Dates - Postponed 

Due to the recently announced travel ban and medical response to Covid-19, we must sadly postpone our March Spanish dates. We sincerely apologize and are already working on rescheduling our tour for later this year. Please check back for schedule updates.

For more details please go here.

Seven Days of Xmas begins Saturday 12/7  

If you are not a True Believer (that's our Facebook group) you will miss our "Seven Days of Xmas". We will be dropping in a different times on different days to spread some Christmas cheer. If you want to know more look for postings 12/6 on our Facebook and Instagram pages for more details. If you are on our mailing list you have been invited to join our group.