Punk, Rock, Soul Band

  1. Rude Awakening

From the recording The Red, White & Black


Rude Awakening
by Tony Fate

Things used to be easier
Wasting time on the street.
We never thought about the time of day.
Never thought about defeat.
But now you ask me if I understand
All these things we have to demand-
Let me wash the blame off my hands.

Things used to be crazier
Living outside our minds.
We never awnsered any questions.
Never paid for any crimes
But now you ask me if I realize
All we gotta compromise-
Let me wipe the soul from my eyes.

Things used to be different.
Then everything had to change.
Sometimes I don’t sleep at night.
I swear I like it better this way.
And now you ask me if there’s anymore.
The awnser is this.